イライラするMacのアップデートを高速化する方法(lifehacker, 2018.3.30)

この記事によると、アップデートがあるかどうか調査するコマンドは「softwareupdate -l」。
アップデートを適用するには「softwareupdate -i -a」ということのようだ。


mac ターミナルmacターミナルmacターミナル







アップデートの確認:softwareupdate -l
ダウンロードしてインストール:softwareupdate -i -a
(ダウンロードするが、インストールはしない:softwareupdate -d ‘ファイル名’  だそうです)


update コマンド状態










「sudo reboot」で再起動します。



▪softwareupdate -help
softwareupdate: invalid option — e
softwareupdate: invalid option — p
usage: softwareupdate <cmd> [<args> …]

** Catalog Management:
–set-catalog <URL> Set the new catalog URL (requires privileges)
–clear-catalog Clear the catalog URL back to defaults (requires privileges)

** Manage Updates:
-l | –list List all appropriate update labels (options:  –no-scan, –product-types)
-d | –download Download Only
-e | –cancel-download Cancel a download
-i | –install Install

<label> … specific updates
-a | –all All appropriate updates
-R | –restart Automatically restart (or shut down) if required to complete installation.
-r | –recommended Only recommended updates

–background Trigger a background scan and update operation
–ignore <label> … Ignore specific updates
–reset-ignored Clear all ignored updates

** Other Tools:
–suspend-background Suspend background operations from occurring temporarily (use –duration to specify duration to suspend in seconds)
–duration <duration>) Optional duration in seconds to suspend background operations (defaults to 5*60 seconds)
–dump-state Log the internal state of the SU daemon to /var/log/install.log
–evaluate-products Evaluate a list of product keys specified by the –products option
–history Show the install history.  By default, only displays updates installed by softwareupdate.
–all Include all processes in history (including App installs)

** Options:
–no-scan Do not scan when listing or installing updates (use available updates previously scanned)
–product-types <type> Limit a scan to a particular product type only – ignoring all others
Ex:  –product-types macOS  || –product-types macOS,Safari

–products A comma-separated (no spaces) list of product keys to operate on.
–force Force an operation to complete.  Use with –background to trigger a background scan regardless of “Automatically check” pref
–verbose Enable verbose output
–help Print this help